Release Panic, with John Graham: Ep 83

3 time USA Memory Champion John Graham has a lot to teach the world in terms of building up your memory muscle through techniques that are available to all of us. But his passion lies in helping people perform by conquering anxiety and releasing panic, for good.

We talk about how John got into the world of competitive memory after he was inspired by the book Moonwalking With Einstein, the art & science of remembering everything, by Joshua Foer (link to book on Amazon)

However, John had always suffered with panic and anxiety, even when performing at his peak, so he wanted to not only manage those feelings, but find a way to get rid of them permanently. After proving the method for himself he now teaches others how they can release panic attacks and daily anxiety, for good.

Go to John's website at to find out more about releasing panic, or visit to find out more about memory techniques