RAPID Performance

with Paul Teasdale

Learn the easy-to-follow framework that helps you perform, using lessons from the world of F1 and other high performing environments

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What's this course all about?

A brief introduction to the RAPID Performance online course - what it is, and what you'll get. Feel free to contact me with any questions

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What you'll get

An overview of the exciting content that you'll get access to, each of which includes video stories and guidance, as well as links and supporting materials to help you apply it all for yourself

Welcome & Introduction

Get to know a bit about me, and find out how this course is structured

RAPID Framework

Find out how the RAPID framework has come about and how it benefits you

RAPID Results

Why is it so important to start with Results? What models can you use to help you?

RAPID Action

What are the levers at your disposal to impact results?

RAPID People

People drive performance. Have you got the best people in place?

RAPID Insights

What's the difference between Data, Information and Insights?


Data as the last step of data-driven performance? Find out why

Exclusive 1:1 coaching follow-up

Get a 1:1 coaching phone/ video call with Paul included in this package, to support you on your RAPID journey. Please note this is only available in the full online course, excluded in the RAPID Performance Lite version

A bit about Paul

Starting out his career in business improvement and operations management, Paul spent a number of years as a consultant, before taking on several internal improvement roles where he built his skills in facilitation and coaching.

Having spent 6 years working with the McLaren Formula 1 team, Paul now works independently with clients across many sectors to help them perform.

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