Culture that Clicks, with Matt Furness: Ep 79

Sick of seeing businesses try and fail at transformation projects to develop company Culture, this week's episode is taking a fresh approach to help make things Click.

Matt Furness has worked across many industries and has seen Culture projects make good initial progress, then inevitably trail off and die. Recognising that the issues did not lie in knowing what to do, but in sustaining the changes required, Matt has developed 'Effortless Culture Change' with a focus on how to build habits and take away the effort that is generally required to make change stick.

We talk about the power of making change:

  1. Obvious
  2. Appealing
  3. Easy
  4. Rewarding

Ultimately it's about how to make it as easy as possible to do the right thing, and not only to be better when we're at our best, but better when we're at our worst!

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