Scale like Skyscanner, with Shane Corstorphine: Ep74

Talk about a business that took to the skies! Skyscanner is an amazing success story, and this week I had the privilege of one of the 3 leaders of that organisation during its time of massive scale up and success, Shane Corstorphine.

From his background as an engineer to his experiences in the world of Finance, through to the work that he now does as a non-exec director and a coach for scale-up organisations.

There's so much to take from this episode, with some of my own key reflections being:

  • know your strengths and identify your blind spots
  • get great people around you to leverage your strengths and plug any gaps
  • know the difference between when you're interested in something and when you can genuinely add value
  • publicly commit to those big goals that you have - no going back on the Scotland thing now, Shane!!

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